Dan Coronado is a sports, music & portrait photographer & cinematographer from San Diego, CA. He lives there with his wife & 3 children, but finds himself in Colorado, New Mexico, & Australia on a yearly basis amongst other travels filming documentaries or capturing photographs.

Dan has been capturing rectangularish pieces of art since 2002, and loves the opportunities he gets to influence other young artists to pursue their own art in the classroom or out in the field. Traveling in bands and for local clothing companies in his youth brought about other opportunities in the industry doing work for companies such as Red Bull & Osiris Shoe Company, & his philanthropy has led him to work for companies such as Simply Youth Ministries, Youth Specialties, Catalyst Racing team & several local churches & high schools in San Diego.

Dan's favorite thing about creating art is the ability to a share a story. Sometimes this is in stills & when necessary through moving pictures. Documentary film making has been one of his favorite avenues to do so due to the fact that he gets the chance to emote feeling through a narrative story, edit the story to a beat & draw you in through sun-kissed visuals that pay tribute to his photography.